NOT ON MY TURF: Strengthening Athletic Communities Against Abuse



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Together we will tackle:
Abuse in Sports: Neglect, Violence, Harassment, and Bullying
Health Equity and Mental Health of Athletes
Accountability, Safety, and Methods of Reporting Abuse in Sports
How to be the real MVP?

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My First Pitch!

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Gridiron Terminal received exciting news.  Gridiron Terminal was selected to pitch at the WEX DC Female Founders Pitch Competition at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.  Hooray!!!!  One of five female owned companies to pitch live in Washington, DC.  This is the first time Gridiron Terminal will be pitching before a live audience.  Cheers!!!!  Keep your eyes on these leading ladies and their companies.  Haven't you heard,

WOMEN NEED SUPPORT TOO! Other finalists include 

Play Pits

Clean Puppies


Femly Box

Make sure you follow Gridiron Terminal on social media and watch us pitch live in DC.  You never know who will be in the building, so stay connected to us.  Most importantly, keep us all lifted in prayer.  Prayers add up!  

P.S. I would like to personally thank my fellow sister entrepreneur Genie Dawkins, Founder of Not My Child for sharing the pitch competition information.   Also, I would like to thank my fellow sister entrepreneur Arion Long, Founder of Femly Box for texting me with excitement as a finalist. (It is an honor to pitch on the same stage with Arion.  Last year, we were just sitting at lunch writing out our plans for the future. That's a story we will tell in the future as businesswomen of Fortune 500 companies).  Finally, thank you Natasha T. Brown, Founder of B and D Brand for all of my marketing and branding material.  GIRL POWER!!!!!! 

P.S.S. I would like to thank the men who have been influential and contributors to my God-given vision.  Thank you to Martin Gibson, Celebrity Trainer and Owner of Gibson Performance Training.  Thank you to the fellas at The Huddle Show, all male sports talk show.  Thank you to Head Football Coach Elijah Brooks of DeMatha, Founder of SAVE-Sports.  Thank you Maurice Foster, Esq.  Thank you to my son Messiah, who will inherit a legacy of service and advocacy.   Thank you Jai!  Thank you all for joining me in the fight against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  God has truly bless me to be a blessing.  


Domestic Violence Holiday Tips

The holidays are here, and we have at least two more months of high spirits and joy to the world.  As we celebrate with lots of holiday cheer, let’s not forget to use caution along the way.  Be alert during this holiday season for family members that appear to be isolated or non-attentive.  Perhaps they could be experiencing abuse.  Abuse has many forms.  Financial and verbal abuse can be silent killers in many households.  Financial and verbal abuse doesn’t have visible scars or bruising on the body.  Here are a few tips to help during the holiday season. 

1. Active Listening- Being an active listener can be one of the greatest gifts you can offer someone experiencing abuse.  Concentrate on what is being said and be fully attentive.

2. Show Compassion- Tis the season to show compassion despite the past.  Don't dwell on the past.  Show kindness!

3. Respect Privacy- Don’t play the blame game.  Respect the sacred level of courage it takes to talk about abuse.  Allow your family member to open up to you.  Please don’t use force.  Force may cause more harm. 

4. Family Engagement- A family of togetherness is always a great opportunity to feel included.  Creating moments of inclusion can be uplifting.    

5. Love- Love on your family member.  Love is gentle.  Love is kind.  Love is consistent.   

Safety first! Always be alert and pay attention.  The signs of domestic violence are always visible, you must pay attention.  Stay woke this holiday season and help a love one or two break free from abuse.  If you live in Prince George’s County, Maryland please contact the Crisis Hotline 301-429-2185 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233.  If you live in Washington, DC dial 311, Maryland dial 211.  Help is available 24/7 including holidays. 

Breaking News!

Prince George’s County Council Awards Domestic Violence Grant to Gridiron Terminal ©™ in Partnership with DeMatha Catholic High School

The Prince George’s County Council announced in June that DeMatha Catholic High School would be the recipient of a $40,000 Domestic Violence Prevention Grant to implement the first ever student domestic violence prevention program.  DeMatha Catholic High School S.A.V.E. (Sport Anti Violence Environment) in collaboration with Gridiron Terminal ©™ will launch during the fall of 2017, educating student athletes and coaches throughout Prince George’s County over a 12-month span on domestic violence.  Gridiron Terminal ©™ is a domestic violence prevention program aimed to break the cycle of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and encourage healthy relationships.  

With DeMatha Catholic High School being a faith-based feeder school for top athletic universities in the country, the school community and administration have made healthy relationships and domestic violence prevention a top priority.  Gridiron Terminal ©™ was created by Prince George’s County resident and Domestic Violence Advocate Tokeitha K. Wilson, a two-time bestselling author and national advocate against abuse, sexual assault, bullying and health disparities among women and youth. 

Together, Tokeitha K. Wilson and DeMatha Catholic High School will tackle the importance of domestic violence awareness in Prince George’s County creating a new generation of community leaders. 

To learn more about Gridiron Terminal, or for media requests, contact Tokeitha K. Wilson at


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Tokeitha K. is a domestic violence and sexual abuse survivor with a mission to help people transform their past pain into a "marketplace of possibilities". She serves as a 10 Blessings, 10K Survivors ambassador. Her advocacy and influence carried her to the White House Champion of Change event. Tokeitha's book, "Too Precious to Be: A Guide to Restoring Women Suffering in Silence", chronicles her journey through a life of pain and healing.

Here, she gives insight into journey from pain to healing after domestic violence:

"To Be Continued" - Tokeitha K.

Life after Domestic Violence is a real thriller - just like visiting a haunting house. Your senses are heightened and the trauma of your past relationships alters your thought process and interactions with others.  Just as one reads the signs on a haunted house, you read the warning signs and observe every detail on a new partner or friend. Anxiety and fear are constant obstacles in your quest for freedom. Some survivors are like the walking dead, living and breathing in silence.  Other survivors find the courage to use their voice. They scream hope with the power of their natural gifts and talents. Many create healthy outlets in the form of a play, book, song or a program.  

The reality for many survivors is that what they thought would be Love and Happiness turned out to be Pain and Shame.  The terms and conditions of abuse left behind scars, darkness and in many cases, death.  No one deserves to suffer but many survivors are still “Under Construction” - constantly finding ways to break the chains of abuse that tried to constrict their precious lives.  Each level of existence opens the next door of resilience.

Working toward forgiveness is like walking through a labyrinth of agony. Practicing self-control feels more like a curse from an ax murder. Needless to say, moving forward can easily turn into a house of nightmares if you don’t let go of the past. Life after Domestic Violence may be a hair-raising, spine-chilling journey toward healing but once healing arrives, the freedom you experience will make it all worth it.  

Like every haunted house, there is an entrance and exit.  As a survivor of Domestic Violence, I’m clearly not the same woman I was prior to the hitting, spitting, choking and verbal lashings.  I made it through the horror and survived to tell the tale.  This October, remember the lives of those who died at the hands of violence.  Scream for the next generation to be free from abuse and fight for the freedom of all mankind.  

To learn more about Tokeitha K. and her empowerment company, Empowerment Station, LLC, visit

Keep in touch with Tokeitha on social media @TokeithaK